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Circa 1950, Sonoita, Arizona was the tiny epicenter of a vast cattle ranching community in Santa Cruz County. The Sonoita Mercantile, the local general store, was the only shop in town. The then owners decided to expand their provisions business to include a modest restaurant, and The Steak Out Restaurant and Saloon was born. An outside grill and covered patio were added to the existing building and the legend of The Steak Out mesquite grilled beef began. Throughout the years, as the business expanded, numerous owners added on to the Sonoita Mercantile. Old army barracks were brought in to transform the covered patio and grill into an official restaurant. 

By the late 70’s, The Steak Out was the place to be for ranchers, cow hands and city folk alike from miles around. On the weekends, the bar had standing room only and there were long waits to get a table to enjoy the renowned wood broiled steaks and live entertainment.

In 1979, Michael and Grace Wystrach took their 4 daughters to the restaurant to celebrate a birthday and were startled to find a 3 hour wait. With nowhere else to go, they were forced to wait. That evening, Michael approached Gale Wingfield, the restaurant’s owner, and said half jokingly, “Gale you looking to sell this place?” Gale, not jokingly, replied, “Yes I am”!  

The Steak Out quickly became the Wystrach’s second home, and began taking on traits of its new owners. Grace is a Sonoita local and a no-nonsense kind of gal. Grace and her two sisters moved with their parents to Sonoita in 1947, when their father bought Rain Valley Ranch. Grace, the oldest of the girls, was instrumental in running the commercial cattle operation. She fell in love with the area and only left to attend the University of Arizona, where she was a member of the quadrille team, an honor student and the President of her Sorority, Gama Phi Beta. After graduating from college, she moved to Southern California for a teaching opportunity. Shortly after, she met Michael.  

Michael, a Polish immigrant, moved to Huntington Park, California with his Mother and two brothers to escape the Nazis in the 40’s. The boys went to work at an early age.  Michael worked as a dish washer at Carl’s Drive-in Barbecue, the first restaurant for Carl Karcher, who later founded Carl’s Jr. Michael played football on scholarship at Pepperdine University and upon graduating joined the USMC. Ever since seeing John Wayne’s 1951 classic “Flying Leathernecks” he knew he wanted to be a Marine Corps pilot. In 1965, while Michael was stationed at El Toro MCAS, he met Grace on Balboa Island. Six months later they were married and Michael was headed off to his first tour Vietnam. Michael went on to do another tour and then was faced with a difficult decision to retire from the Marine Corps in 1978 when Grace was offered a position to return to Southern Arizona to run Rain Valley Ranch for her father. The couple moved to Sonoita where they raised six children on a small ranch of their own.

The Steak Out Restaurant in Sonoita has been family owned and operated since 1979. All of the Wystrach children grew up bussing and waiting tables, washing dishes and grilling steaks. When all of the kids had grown, the original restaurant burned to ground after a hot water heater malfunctioned. The restaurant was open when the fire started and within minutes the entire dining room was engulfed in flames. Fortunately, all customers and employees got out safely. In the end, the only memorabilia that survived the fire were cast iron bean pots and two bronze statues. In 2000, Michael and Grace reopened the restaurant, mimicking much of the same character and design of old Steak Out building. The cast iron bean pots are still used today and the bronze statues are on display in the dining room and bar.

Michael and Grace have operated The Steak Out Restaurant & Saloon in Sonoita with the help of their six children for the last 30 years. .  
A unique experience of dining, dancing and relaxing awaits. The Steak Out Restaurant kowtows to cowboys in hats and spurs searching for a cold beer, families out for an evening dinner or business men in a suits look to sip 12 year old scotch. The Wystrach Family welcomes you and yours to join us for a unique cowboy dining experience.



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